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Drink Informed Kit

I t   is   estimated   that   9   million   people   in   the   UK   drink   above   the   recommended   daily   limit,   with   22,000 people   per   year   dying   prematurely   as   a   result   of   their   alcohol   consumption.   The   aim   of   the   Drink Informed   project   was   to   empower   and   support   clinical   staff   to   educate   and   engage   those   individuals whose   drinking   habits   are   causing   them   harm,   with   the   aim   of   supporting   the   patient   to   make   an   informed choice about their care and encourage positive changes towards a healthier lifestyle. The   inspiration   and   drivers   behind   the   project   were   the   Alcohol   Specialist   Nurse   Service   at   Queen Alexandra   Hospital,   Portsmouth.   Through   a   series   of   observations,   questionnaires   and   workshops   with clinicians,   patients,   support   staff   and   academics,   the   team   collected   a   range   of   valuable   insights.      These were   supported   by   further   research   into   the   80+   risks   of   drinking   alcohol.   This   information   fuelled   the creation    of    this    resource    kit,    comprising    tools    to    encourage    discussion    and    support    explanation documents   about   the   body,   a   spectrum   to   show   the   trajectory   of   a   patients   drinking   and   3D   models.   The kit   has   two   distinct   faces:   one   is   patient   facing   to   facilitate   their   recovery;   the   other   supports   and educates clinical staff across the hospital. This   project   was   completed   by   the   Helen   Hamlyn   Centre   for   Design   at   the   Royal   College   of Art,   with   our research   partners,   NHS   Innovations   South   East,   Portsmouth   City   Council   and   Wessex Academic   Health Science Network.
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