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Drink Informed Livers

The   replica   livers   are   realistic   in   size,   approximate   weight   and   texture.   They   have   been   created   by   PS Composites   and   the   award-winning   team   of   artists;   who   created   the   prosthetics   for   the   blockbuster movies; Bond, Harry Potter, Snow White and the Huntsman and many others. The livers represent stages of liver disease: 1) Healthy 2) Fatty 3) Cirrhosis Order Ref: DI/02 Patients   are   surprised   by   the   replica   organs,   often   wanting   to   touch   the   livers   and   hold   them   against   their body,   on   top   of   their   own   liver.   The   livers   provide   an   opportunity   to   support   education   about   liver   disease and enhance the impact of explanations about how the liver can regenerate. Quotes about the livers: “A fabulous tool for teaching!” - Specialist alcohol nurse Salisbury Emma Forbes “The   3D   livers   are   visually   very   powerful   and   will   help   us   to   illustrate   the   progression   of   liver disease   to   someone   presenting   with   hazardous   alcohol   consumption   or   in   the   early   stages   of   liver disease   where   changing   behaviour   can   halt   progressions   to   advanced   liver   disease.”      Consultant Gastro Royal Surrey. “One   of   the   big   issues   we   want   to   draw   attention   to   is   that   the   liver   is   an   amazing   organ.   If   you   help it   by   eating   and   drinking   the   right   things,   it   is   capable   of   repairing   itself.”   -   Becky   Osborn,   lead alcohol nurse Hampshire Hospitals Foundation “The   livers   have   already   proved   to   be   very   useful   and   we   have   found   them   to   be   a   real   talking   point when we have public information stands.” “We   will   use   them   to   show   patients   the   effects   alcohol   can   have   on   their   liver,   educate   staff   and improve awareness in the wider community.” All materials come as part of the whole Drink Informed Kit or can be ordered separately.
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