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Drink Informed 2D Materials

Full set 9 cards including Metaphors Order Ref: DI/03 1. Liver Image Cards There   are   3   Liver   Image   Cards   (healthy,   fatty   and   cirrhotic)   that   can   be   placed   on   the   body   to   get an understanding of where the organs are. Liver Image Cards x 3 Order Ref: DI/03-01 2. Post Office Metaphors The   laminate   cards   are   used   for   educating   staff   and   patients,   using   metaphors   to   depict   the   liver   at the   three   stages,   Healthy,   Fatty   and   Cirrhotic;   as   a   Post   Office   sorting   office.   Helping   patients understand the role of the liver and how, at the different stages of liver disease, it processes blood. Metaphor Cards x 3 Order Ref: DI/03-02 3. Body Signs Laminate The   card   demonstrates   organ   location   and   size,   by   using   hands   against   parts   of   the   body   to represent the organ. Order Ref: DI/03-03 4. Alcohol Fact Image Cards There   are   2   cards   demonstrating   facts   about   health   and   alcohol.   One   has   images   and   a   blurb   and the other is just the images. Order Ref: DI/03-04 All materials come as part of the whole Drink Informed Kit or can be ordered separately.
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