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Drink Informed Health & Body Questionnaire

Order Ref: All 3 items DI/04 The Health & Body Questionnaire consists of three items : 1. The Stencil, provides the scale to fill the body pad. Order Ref: DI/04-01 2.   The   Body   Pad,   shows   the   potential   damage   the   patients   drinking   and   lifestyle   has   on   their   body, as   well   as   information   for   them   to   take   away   as   a   visual   prompt.   This   is   completed   in   pencil   to enable it to be edited as they repair some of the damage. Order Ref: DI/04-02 3.   The   Question   Pad,   is   for   the   staff   member   to   complete,   giving   the   patient   their   score   to   use   on the stencil. Order Ref: DI/04-03 All materials come as part of the whole Drink Informed Kit or can be ordered separately.
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